Lesson Availability

Fiona is available for private, in person lessons at her studio just outside Ashbourne, Co. Meath. 

Get in touch to set-up a taster lesson or to give a harp lesson a go!

Fiona’s goal as a teacher is to facilitate the learning and enjoyment of music, the musical instrument, music theory, and aural skills, collectively, in each lesson. She encourages the development of improvisational and compositional skills in all students.

  • Purchase Lessons Here
  • Fees are paid per Term – there are 11 lessons per term with a total of 33 lessons
  • Fees are to be paid in advance of each term.
  • Only online booking or bank transfer is accepted
  • Fees are due on the first lesson of term unless by special arrangement
  • The fees for 2022/23 individual lessons are:
  • 30 minutes: €22.50 per lesson | €247.50 per 11- week term
  • 45 minutes: €33.75 per lesson | €371.25 per 11-week term
  • 60 minutes: €45 per lesson | €495 per 11-week term
  • There is a reduction of 10% for the second student from any one family.
  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to be supportive and active participants in practice at home
  • Fiona always welcome text messages from parents and students during the week if they have questions regarding repertoire or other matters regarding lessons and practice
  • Parents/Guardians may be asked to attend the last few minutes of some lessons so they may help with practise and to discuss their child’s progress
  • Daily practice is essential when learning a musical instrument
  • Each student is encouraged to practise as much as they like but it is important that practice is consistent and takes place daily, as part of a routine
  • Routine practice is far more beneficial than sporadic practice – students will make little to no progress if they leave their practice till the day before the lesson
  • The most important day to practise is the day after the lesson when the information is fresh in minds

Fiona has a limited number of lever Irish harps available to rent

  • Each is handmade by an Irish harpmaker craftsman
  • Enquire about harps available to rent or buy from local harp makers
  • Ask about harp renting and buying options
  • Harps available to rent for €50 per month
  • All lessons will take place at Fiona’s studio at Cornstown House, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, A84N512
  • If Fiona is unavailable for a lesson, she will reschedule the lesson or make the lesson up another time during the term
  • Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance regarding any known upcoming absences. A make-up lesson may be offered for that term only but only if Fiona is notified with at least 24 hours notice. Fiona is obliged to offer two alternative times only.
  • Students late for a lesson or class will not receive extra time. Fiona is not obliged to make up or give time to absent or late students.
  • Lessons which are not rescheduled within a term will not carry over to the next term
  • If students are absent/cancel a lesson without rescheduling then they miss out on the lesson and forfeit fees
  • Fiona must be notified of withdrawal of a student from lessons or cancellation of course of study. Students who are diagnosed with a long term illness or, for example, break an arm, are exempt from fees for the duration of their convalescence. Please do note that it is possible to teach a child with a broken arm, and lessons can be a very positive influence in the healing process, as long as the student is finished with their medical treatment. Lessons cancelled within a term are generally forfeit unless accompanied by a doctor’s note. Consideration will be given on a case by case basis and any refunds/ credit notes are given at the discretion of Fiona. A minimum of 2 weeks notice (excluding holidays) must be given.
  • Students, or their parents/guardians, must inform Fiona, if they are suffering from any form of illness or allergy, and if they are taking any form of medication. It is particularly important that Fiona knows if a student suffers from a condition such as Asthma, Diabetes or Epilepsy so that she can cope in an informed way, if the student should suffer an attack.
  • It is also important to know if the student suffers from any hearing or sight problems, or any learning difficulties that might affect a student’s ability to respond in a class or individual lesson.
  • All medical information will be treated in the strictest confidence by Fiona.
  • From time to time photographs may be taken of students for publicity purposes. Unless otherwise stated, receipt of term fees will be regarded as permission for such photographs to be so used.
  • Examinations are not compulsory for all students
  • Exams take place three times a year and, if I feel that the students would be ready for the exam and, if it would be helpful to the student to enter the exam at that time, they will be encouraged to enter
  • It is worth noting that there is no negotiation with examination bodies once the date and time of an exam have been allocated
  • Exams can take place during school times
  • Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM)
  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

● The student needs to bring their own materials including books, music and folders to each
● Harp students should bring their own harp.
● Any sheet music/extra exercises will be emailed in advance and are to be printed and
brought to the lesson.

● You feel less than 100% well.
● You currently have (or have had in the past 48 hours) a temperature, cough, running nose,
headache, change in taste and smell etc.
● You have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case 
➔ Under these conditions, thank you for staying at home. You will receive an online
lesson, at your normal time.

Go raibh maith aghaidh!
Thank you!

Cornstown House, Ashbourne, Co. Meath, A84N512